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                Home Credit Group is a leading international multi-channel provider of consumer finance.

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                IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC

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                *as at 30 September 2018

                Products and distribution

                Our core business is consumer finance lending – largely in the form of in-store financing to qualified, mass market retail customers, who are often first-time borrowers. We provide this service directly to customers in the shops as point-of-sales loans. In our more mature markets, we also provide cash loans, credit cards, and revolving loans, mainly to existing customers who have established their creditworthiness with us. Deposits and other selected retail banking services, which we offer in selected markets, help us diversify our funding sources and make our core consumer finance business efficient.

                Business model

                We offer sales finance through consumer finance to branch-enabled lending. Customers typically start with our point-of-sales (POS) financing in stores. Reliable customers can then adopt broader consumer credit products and ultimately we progress to providing fully fledged branch-based consumer lending.

                In countries where we hold a banking licence, we offer selected retail banking services such as deposit accounts and current accounts. We focus on facilitating cross-selling opportunities across our product base and enhancing our customer relations’ offering to increase retention rates.

                Home Credit Group operates through its companies in 10 markets and has pioneered expansion into Central and Eastern Europe and Asia through a combination of greenfield operations, acquisitions, and joint ventures.