Sustainability at Home Credit

                Home Credit aspires to build the leading consumer finance and retail banking global franchise. Sustainability is therefore an integral part of our business strategy. Our strategic focus on serving customers with little to no credit record and connecting them with the regulated financial sector lets us deliver superior sustainable value both for our shareholders and for our customers. This approach is underpinned by a determined drive to broaden financial inclusion to the world’s unbanked population. We do this by providing a positive, safe borrowing experience – the first for many of our customers.

                We proactively embed sustainable practices at every level of our business. We believe that the only way we can be an effective and profitable lender is by being responsible and sustainable.

                Our guiding principles

                • Acting with responsibility and integrity in everything that we do
                • Fairness, transparency, mutual trust
                • Creating mutually beneficial relationships for both customers and retailers
                • Respecting local culture and traditions in the countries where we conduct our business
                • Setting the standard for customer care in emerging markets
                • Pursuing our long-term vision for a sustainable future

                Our definition of sustainability is long-term and multifaceted: it means making an enduring contribution to the development of the markets that we operate in. It also means helping to improve living standards, reducing poverty, caring for the welfare of local communities and promoting respect for key economic and human rights.

                Our relationship with our clients is built on fairness, transparency and mutual trust. We want to help our clients realise their dreams in a financially secure way. This is why we offer them only products they want and can afford. As they take out loans with us, our clients make their first borrowing experience and start building up their credit history. We then provide more sophisticated financial products to suit their gradually growing needs and capabilities. Along the way, we help our clients learn how to manage their finances through different financial literacy programmes. This is what responsible lending means to us.

                Our success as a business enables us to further contribute to our host markets in a number of ways: through the taxes we pay, the additional income we bring to retailers, the salaries we pay to our employees and, overall, by helping to increase household consumption and stimulating economic growth.

                The nature of our business thus positions us to help our customers and stakeholders manage social challenges and invest in their future, which in turn contributes to the viability and sustainable development of local markets and national economies. The success of our customers, clients and stakeholders guarantees future business, which underpins our sustainability.


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